Wanksta Rap with JJNerd!
The Can-Do Crew!
My Life=No Women!
Coming soon.......Shifter
TreeHouse Comics Inc.
Wanksta Rap with JJNerd!

Don't diss my grill ho!

Yeah, if you had one shot.....one girl....and five dollars......would you buy her...or pass her up? Yoh, shes on the street corner, whorin and splorin you snorin and borin you old man usin yuh hand to pop one you got your 9mm gun but you figured you have some fun before cappin and run yoh and thats duh name and dats duh game
you better pop one because you got one more moment before ouve blown it both ways yoh and thats messed up so you lost da flow you wake up and realize that your best prize is being number one at your bank and youve got the Lord to thank for dat but at least you got a job bro cause i gotta pay da bills by usin my sister as a ho woh woh!
Now da cops are comin peeps screamin and runnin and you got your 9 and its blazin your buzzin my vision id fuzzin because i got shot yoh and im goin down to the morge and thats it im done.....yoh

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