Adventures of Sock and Jock
The Can-Do Crew!
TreeHouse Comics Inc.

Who will win?

Awww yeah. It's time to settle some age old questions. Who's faster, The Flash or a Cheetah with a spoiler? Who's buffer Superman or Goku (anime guy)? And for the love of GOD who's gayer Justin Timberlake or....well okay he wins.
But for this week it will be............Who's sluttier Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears?

Now to put these hos to the test.....
Josh: So many guys have you each done? BS:(britney spears bs haha) Well at once........123. Total......123. CA: Ummm the entire state of Texas AND New York. Josh: What a slut. Okay moving on...Have either of you ever posed nude. BS: Yes, for a catalog for fake breasts. CA: Well, I've never actually posed with clothes on! Josh: Yes, I can see that. BS: Oh and Josh I'd like to say I'm a virgin. Josh: You just admitted to having sex! BS: Yeah...but I'm still a virgin. Josh: But wouldn't that make you a un-virgin? BS: I'm still a virgin. Josh: Where did CA go? BS: She's working my street corner! I'll kill her! Josh: Well there you have it folks. Christina clearly wins!


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