Final Fantasy Fighting
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Final Fantasy Fighting

Let's get it on!

Okay here's how this works. I'm taking characters from...I think it's FF 2 or1 but I make them fight. Eventually we will have  a championship. Now let's look at the schedule.
Okay heres how it's goin down...
Fighter vs. Chaos
Black Mage vs. Garland
Black Belt vs. Britney Spears
White Mage vs. Mario
Thief vs. ME!
Red Mage vs. Ashely Berg
Ogre vs. Winnie the Pooh
Conan O'Brien vs. Bahamut
Village Boy vs. Eminem
Man this is gonna be good......Now first fight! Fighter vs. Chaos



Okay FIGHT! Fighter pulls out his word and dashes toward Chaos but Chaos shoots a ball of purple stuff at him! OH NO Fighter is trapped in it! He can't move! Chaos picks up the ball and eats it.....start the ten count! 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1........OH MY GOSH! Fighter burst out of Chaos's stomach! Just in time...that's never been done before! Caos is missing a large portion of his stomach but he's not even in pain! Fighter looks worried....what's he gonna do? Wait he's chanting something...I can't exactly hear it. WOAH, his sword burst into blue flames! Wait where did he go? He disappeared! Wait there he is. He's kneeling BEHIND Chaos with his sword put away! What is he thinking? HUH?! Chaos head just EXPLODED! I haven't seen that move in ten years! He traveled at the speed of light and chopped Chaos's head to pieces than landed and his head blew up as a DELAYED AFFECT! FIGHTER WINS! FIGHTER WINS!